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56 lbs (golden tiger steelcase)AR mag is a Lancer AWM

And I get that those are probably only two of many reasons the game is updated the way it is, but it definitely helps an EA game maintain its reputation and dedicated playerbase when players actually feel the progress of the game as the months pass by.SinfulGroove 26 points submitted 8 months agoJust for funsies I just took out one of my fully loaded (30rounds) ak mags and weighed it against a fully loaded AR mag (30rounds).AK mag is a Russian bakelite so its pretty light weight, 1 fully loaded mag = 1.56 lbs (golden tiger steelcase)AR mag is a Lancer AWM, also pretty lightweight, 1 fully loaded mag = 1.04 lbs (Federal brass cased)So I think in game we get about 6 mags? makes a full loadout of ak mags 9.36 lbs vs full loadout of m4 mags at 6.24 lbsNot a huge difference but there ya go.Dvsilverwing 2 points submitted 9 months agoAt this point I like to see more kits with the current weapons, IE Insurgent and Militia rifleman could choose SKS or AKS 74u as standard weapons (much like in PR), HAT kits, Scout, and Raider having options for PPSH/SKS/AKS 74u and so on. Really only applies to the Unconventional opfors I suppose but would be nice to see. In adition I waiting to see the drum magazine option for the PPSH, 40 round magazine option for the RPK and even AKM/AKMS anti theft backpack, and 45 round magazine option for the AK 74, AKS 74, and AKS 74u.Dvsilverwing 2 points submitted 9 months agoI think the only thing you should be able to trade out are weapons and magazines.

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