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The silly title (a riff, of course, on Balanchine Mozartiana)

The geochemistry of the TTG granitoids is consistent with partial melting of Mesoarchean enriched mafic crustal sources at different depths (up to 10 12 kbar equivalent pressure) during a continental collision event. The potassic granitoids are derived from either low degree melting of Mesoarchean enriched mafic crustal sources or remelting of Mesoarchean TTGs in response to post collisional extension, and were hybridized with Neoarchean mantle derived mafic melts to various degrees. The TTG and potassic granitoids in the Xingcheng region record the evolution from collision of micro continental blocks to post collisional extension, consistent with other studies, suggesting that the amalgamation of micro continental blocks is what gave rise to the cratonization of the North China Craton at the end of the Archean.

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